Come and meet us,
you don’t need any prior experience! You will be picked up by boat at the meeting point at Grand Baie Beach or directly from the beach in front of your hotel at Grand Baie. Our certified and experienced instructor explains how the Flyn’Dive-Board works during a full safety briefing. Strap into the Flyn’Dive-Board. The swim vest and the floating board let you float easily on the sea.

The Flyn’Dive-Board is connected to a powerful water pump by a hose creating a water jet that will send you softly or soaring into the air as you want. Imagine the rush of being able to burst out of the clear waters and fly up seemingly without gravity. The gorgeous Grand Baie will spread out before you.

It´s relatively easy to master the basics and 95% of those who tested for the first time begin to fly in just a few minutes. Learn how to steer and control your elevation, as well as how to perform graceful landings. You might even get to practice some tricks or simple stunts. At the end of your session, head back to beach. Flyn’Dive ensures that you will have unforgettable sensations and exciting emotions.
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